UNITAS 2014: Enhancing cooperation
by LTJG Katie Braynard 
Monday, October 20, 2014
Coast Guard Compass
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Sherman recently concluded two-weeks of multinational naval exercises as the U.S. Coast Guard representative to UNITAS 2014.
UNITAS, which means “unity” in Latin, is a combined Latin American and U.S. exercise and has been building ties with foreign navies since 1959 making it the longest running exercise of its type in the world. Originally focused on anti-submarine warfare but nowadays it focuses on cooperation, understanding and partnership among participating navies in order to respond as a unified force to a wide variety of maritime missions. The exercise represents a unique opportunity to improve capabilities, readiness, and cooperative relations among countries of north, south, and central American naval forces while promoting hemispheric coalition, and two-way cooperation resulting in mutual benefit to all navies.
This year, the Peruvian navy hosted UNITAS and involved the participation of 10 ships and patrol craft, submarines, helicopters maritime patrol and tactical aircraft and naval forces from the United States, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Additionally, personnel from Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Italy, Panama, United Kingdom and New Zealand were represented in the exercise.
This year’s exercise was conducted in two phases. The first phase included a full range of seamanship drills and experiences, including maritime operations, electronic warfare, anti-air warfare and air defense, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and maritime interdiction operations. The second phase was a simulated at-sea war game to test all of the skills that were used and defined in the first phase.
Aside from conducting naval exercises, UNITAS included other activities while the ships were moored in Callao and Salaverry, Peru. Events included sporting events among partner nations, a community relations project for a local school, a wreath laying ceremony at a Peruvian naval monument, and a plaque exchange among the nations.
This year’s UNITAS resulted in a stronger coalition, multilateral security cooperation and new friendships, strict professionalism and mutual understanding among the participating partner nations.
The next UNITAS exercise is scheduled for late 2015 in Chile and Brazil.

مانور 2014 UNITAS موجب ارتقاء همکاریها در منطقه

گارد ساحلی کاتر شرمن ایالات متحده اخیرا به دو هفته مانور نیروی دریایی چندملیتی به عنوان نماینده گارد ساحلی ایالات متحده ...

توافق هسته ای، حالا یا هرگز

توافق هسته ای، حالا یا هرگز

"ولی نصر" استاد ایرانی الاصل و برجسته مطالعات سیاسی و بین المللی در آمریکا معتقد است اگر در مذاکرات جاری ایران و غرب توافقی ...

Reports: School shooting in suburban Seattle
USA TODAY 2:43 p.m. EDT October 24, 2014

(Photo: KING-TV)
Police are responding to a shooting at a high school north of Seattle, according to media reports.
Marysville Pilchuck High School is on lockdown, KING-TV in Seattle reports.
The Snohomish County Sheriff

تیراندازی در دبیرستانی در حومه سیاتل

بنابر گزارشات رسانه ها، پلیس در حال بررسی حادثه تیراندازی در دبیرستانی در شمال سیاتل ایالت واشنگتن می باشد.

اشاره رهبر حزب اکثریت مجلس نمایندگان به دستورکار مجلس جدید در سال 2015

اشاره رهبر حزب اکثریت مجلس نمایندگان به دستورکار مجلس جدید در سال 2015

«کوین مک کارتی»، رهبر حزب اکثریت مجلس نمایندگان و نماینده جمهوریخواه کالیفرنیا، اعلام کرد که افزایش کارآیی موسسات دولتی ...

White House denies covert plan to issue millions of green cards
By Dave Boyer - The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 22, 2014 
President Obama’s spokesman laughed off as “crazy” Wednesday reports that the Homeland Security Department is preparing for an increase in the number of immigrants living illegally in the country by ordering enough paper to print as many as 5 million “green” cards annually.
“There are decisions that are made by lots of agencies, including the ordering of specific colored sheets of paper,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. “Those sorts of decisions are not micromanaged by the White House.”

The president is preparing an executive order, which he has delayed until after the midterm elections on Nov. 4, that is expected to allow a significant number of illegal immigrants to remain in the country legally.

When reporters persisted in the line of questioning about green cards, Mr. Earnest began to laugh.
“You would have to ask the Department of Homeland Security,” he said. “I mean, this is crazy.”
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has published a draft contract proposal to buy the card stock needed to make work permits and Permanent Resident Cards, more commonly known as green cards.

The proposal calls for providing material for at least 5 million cards a year, with as many as 9 million “during the initial period … to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.”
The contract calls for as many 34 million cards over five years, the Associated Press reported.
Activists said the report is evidence that Mr. Obama is planning to issue an executive order that is broader in scope than they feared.
“The administration is preparing to issue a minimum of 4 million ID and work authorization cards a year, with a special ‘surge scenario’ requiring 9 million cards in 2016,” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “This is no longer a limited executive action, but an obscene power-grab that dwarfs the 1986 amnesty that was lawfully passed by Congress.”
On page 28 of the draft contract, DHS states that “the Contractor shall demonstrate the capability to support potential ‘surge’ in … card demand for up to 9 [million] cards during the initial period of performance to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.”
A spokesman for the USCIS said the order was routine and that immigration applications can increase for a variety of reasons.
When he stopped laughing, Mr. Earnest said journalists were being too “clever” in trying to discern the president’s intentions on immigration.
“What we’re talking about here is an order from the Department of Homeland Security to a contractor related to ongoing operations at [DHS],” he said. “They are responsible for issuing green cards. I think those who are trying to read into those specific orders about what the president may decide are a little too cleverly trying to divine what the president’s ultimate conclusion might be.”
The president has been urging the House to take up a Senate-passed bill on immigration reform that would include a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

انکار طرح مخفیانه صدور میلیون ها گرین کارت از سوی کاخ سفید

سخنگوی رئيس جمهور اوباما، اقدام وزارت امنیت داخلی را دیوانه وار نامید و آن را مورد تمسخر قرار داد. این وزارت در حال آماده ...

حمله به پلیس با تبر

حمله به پلیس با تبر

A man charged at four New York police officers with a metal hatchet Thursday, hitting two of them at a time of high alert ...

گالری عکس
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داکوتای جنوبی
داکوتای شمالی
ایالت های جنوبی
می سی سی پی
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ایالت های مرکزی
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